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What's My Home Worth?

Our Net Commission is 4.5% Total
Home price                    $200,000

4.5% net commission        $9,000

Your Net                        $191,000

Traditional 6% Commission Realty
Home price                      $200,000

6% commission               $12,000

Your Net                         $188,000

Example: if home price is $200,000

Selling Your Home:

Seller saves 25% on total realty fees (compared to a typical 6% realty).

  • Seller pays 3% commission to the listing Agent (Premier Realty & Associates).
  • Plus 3% commission to the buyer's agent
  • Seller Receives a 1.5% Cash Refund from Premier Realty & Associates
  • Seller pays a net total of 4.5% realty commission 

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How It Works: Selling Your Home