Purchasing Land or Commercial Property

  • You will receive a 1% cash refund (paid directly from our commission) when we represent you as the buyers agent and you purchase land or commercial properties. Our services are still paid 100% by the seller. but you get the cash refund!

                  Example: Purchase of Land or a Commercial property at $1,000,000

Purchase price                                                                                                                 $1,000,000

Premier Realty & Associates' refund to you: 1% ($1,000,000 x 1%)                           $10,000*

Your Cash Refund                                                                                                          $10,000

* Refunding commission from a Texas real-estate license holder is legal in Texas and typically there are no issues.

Please be aware that our refund may be subject to restrictions by the buyer’s lender, or the seller.

Home price                                                                                    

Premier Realty & Associates' refund to you 1% ($200,000 x 1%)          

Your Cash refund                                                                  

Home Price                                                                                         

Builder gives 3% commission to Premier Realty and Associates                        

Premier Realty & Associates' refunds you 2% ($400,000 x 2%)                      

Your Cash Refund                                                                           

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Purchasing Real-estate

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Purchasing a  New Construction Home

Example: New Construction Home price $400,000

Purchasing a Pre-owned  Home

  • You will receive a 1% cash refund (paid directly from our commission) when we represent you as a buyers agent and you purchase a pre-owned home.  Our services are still paid 100% by the seller, but you will get the cash refund!

                                    Example: Pre-owned Home price $200,000


  • When we represent you as the buyers agent, and you purchase a new construction home, we will give you a 2% cash refund, paid directly from our commission (which is still paid 100% by the new home builder). You'll get the same great low price, plus a really great 2% cash refund!


  • Important: If your agent is not present when you tour a new home subdivision, you must be sure to include your agent's name when you sign in or fill out any forms for any new  home builder! Remember, if we don't get paid, we can not give you the really great 2% cash refund!